Monday, May 19, 2014

Mas Photos

New Clothes

Here's Hermana Morales wearing some new Christmas Clothes!  Isn't she cute?!

February 3, 2014

This week was crazy. We hardly worked.
On Tuesday, The Zone leaders invited us to their area for a service project. The whole zone went.. The service project. Clean an old elders apartment. It´s been empty for a couple of months. Don´t ask why?? Needless to say. It was disgusting. Awful. Terrible. The worst. Just think of a house on some pest control show. Soooo many cockroaches.. it was just filthy. It took us 4 hours to clean that sucker. It was quite the job. But we got it done.. and we got Domnios pizza after. Win. 
On Wednsday, we had our Hermana reunion. Which was wondeful. I was so great to see everyone. I got to see my beloved H.Larson and H. Jacobs and H. Mack. It was so good. Hermana Goff and Hilbun saw eachother and we just wanted to cry. The friendships you make  here are really the best. Life long friendship! We got instructed by a lot of the sisters and Hermana Hernandez. She is wonderful. They leave in July and I´m just so sad! 
ALSO we´ve been teaching a reference named Wilton. He lived in the States for a couple of years and got deported. He spent 1 a year in jail and got back about 3 months ago. Now he´s trying to get back because he had a girlfriend over there. He seems pretty interested.. then we invited him to come to church and he said he can´t come for awhile.. we asked why.. and he showed us his hands. He had  his fingerprints cut off. They looked terrible. Sooo.. he won´t be coming to church anytime soon. AFter the cita.. we just stood there.. kind of in shock. The things people do! OH well. He´s still a son of God and needs the GOSPEL!
The rest of the week was a blur. I haven´t been feeling the greatest.. so we went and got some tests done. And sure enough I have amebas. What are they?? Don´t ask. What I can say is that I hate them. Hate them. So I got some medication and they meds are terrible too. They make you even more sick. so i stayed inside on Friday and Saturday. The worst.  I hate staying in!
BUT today we had a zone activity. It was great. We ate some food.. We played some soccer. I´m out of shape.. it´s cool. We still have fun. That´s why counts. A random elder came up to me today and said.. are you 23?  I told him, si. Then he asked if I was from Utah.. and why I came on a mission.. why didn´t I just get married. Thanks Elder. Thank. you. Not.  Dummies. 
Kidding. Once again. Children of god.
The internet place we use is owned by our neighbor named Aris. He´s great. His wife and i are really interested in the chruch. She came last week and they both came on sunday. We have a cita with him tonight. EVERY TIME we have investigators we´re really excited about... they talk out the temple and family history. Which is great. It just causes them to have lots of questions and get confused. He told us he has a lot. so we´ll see. Wish us luck.

That´s all that happened this week. Boring I know.
But I hope you all have a great week. I love you. And I pray for you daily!
I know this church is true.

Love you!
Hermana Morales

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Yes. I was MIA last week. I´ve got lots to catch up on.
First. Transfers. I´ll be staying once again in Hainamosa. My new companion is Hermana Prestwich from Georgia. She was in Aruba before. And she´ll be leaving in April. I´ll be killing her :) My old companion Hermana Beltran went to Aruba. So she´s gone. 
Investigators: Karina. Oh Karina. We´ve only been waiting for her little boys certificate. But it turns out they told her she´d have to wait for 2 more months. NOO. I´m annoyed. But what can you do. We´re trying to figure out what else what we can do. Stay tuned.
Barbara and Hamlet: She wants to get baptised.. but they need to get married. EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET MARRIED!
Angel Luis and Rosemeri: SUPER AWESOME COUPLE! I´ve never felt the spirit so stong! We have to best lessons with them! They also need to get marrried... yay. 
Daihana: Wants to get baptised.. needs to go to church. 
Everyones got their own set of probs. Keep praying for them.
We had our last district meeting on the 20th. Elder Rivera left on Monday. He was my first zone leader and the last AP. He´s so awesome! A bunch of us from the zone went out to lunch . To remember him he gave us all 1 lempira (hondorus money) and he signed it. Hes great. Going to miss him! 
On Saturday the 22 some elders for our zone were having a baptism. And they decided to have it in the Stake center ( our church) and they invited us to sing. All the elders were there for some priesthood conference.. so our entire zone was there to support. It was such a cool baptism! So many people go baptised!! 6 People! what a blessing. 
We also sang during Sacrament meeting.. that was fun. And one of the counselors in the stake talked. His talked centered in how to raise our children. It was soo good. It took me going on  mission to learn how to become a good parent ;)
This monday. H. Beltran left. She left really early. It was weird seeing her leave. I won´t see her until like august! What. Going to miss her.
On tuesday. I went to pick up my new comp. I had to take a taxi BY MYSELF. It was so weird being by myself. I´m going to be a joke when I get home. She got there kinda late.. so I just sat and chatted. Previously our zone only had 4 hermanas. Now we have SEVEN. it´s so good. They opened up another hermana area. So now we can do intercambios in another area. YAY! i´m excted. The hermanas in Cancino seem so nice! I´m stoked to get to work with them! We have an intercambio planned for this friday.
This week overall has been great. I´m excited for what´s to come. I couldn´t sleep last night.. and i figured out how much time I have left. It´s going to be gone before you know it. I´m scared. I don´t want to go back. I don´t want to face the changes. But the Lord has a perfect plan for me! I´ve been thinking about what I want to do when I get home.. And i´m not really sure. But I guess that´s the cool part. I can do WHATEVER i want. I´ve been thinking a lot my purpose of being here in the DR. And I´ve come to know that Heavenly Father planned it out perfectly. I need to be here. The promises of my Patriachal blessing are being fulfilled here. The mission is hard. But i know i´m here to learn the things i wouldn´t have been able to learn if i was home. I´ve grown so much these last couple of months. It´s crazy how much we´re able to change. God allows us to change. We dont have to be the person we are now. We can literally change. I was thinking back on the companion I´ve had. And i´ve been able to learn something so specific from each of them. He knows what we need and he´ll allow us to grow through our challenges. I live in Baseball capital. So we see a lot of baseball players practicing and training. An elder had given me an analogy. which i forgot. But when I saw it a remembered. They run with HUGE tires tied to them... and they just keep running!! Its to make them stronger.. right. It´s like us. We have our own tires tied us! Which are our trials.. yet the Lord allows us to grow the most during those times! I´ve basically been running around with like 20 tires.. but HEY the Lord knows I can handle it.
There´s what i´ve learned.

I love you all. Thanks for the supportÂȘ!
Hermana Morales

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

My family in Hainamosa! 
Lantiguas, Lorenzos, Tejeras, Karina, and the Aquinos.
Love them all! And remember the Donut man that contacted us?= He has a fecha for 2 of February! 
Hna Morales

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Hello everyone!
This week was full of change. My wonderful companion Hermana Jacobs got sent to el campo.. La Romana. We usually have transfers on Tuesday. But she got to stay another day longer. So we got the show the other two new hermanas who are white washing that other area around. Then early morning on Wednesday. We got in a taxi and headed to Gazcue. And we picked up our new companions. Herman Beltran is her name. And she´s great. She´s so nice. She´s from  Mexico. From the same little town my families from.. Casas Grandes. What are the odds. She had to go to a new leader meeting so I got to hangout with Hermana Jacobs and Larson. Two of my fave companions! We ate lunch.. and said goodbye. I hugged Hermana Jacobs.. and tried to hard not to let my tears come out. I just miss that girl. She´s such a great person! Good thing she´s coming back to Provo! Phew. We got in taxi and headed home. When we got home she unpacked who entire suitcase full of Mexican Candy! Now we´re talkin´! I reviewed the ward misison plan and we looked through el carpeta de area. And we just got to know eachother. She studied in AZ so she speaks perfect english.. bonus. 
I had to give two talks this week. I had to speak during our zone reunion. About something.. i can´t remember the name. ¨question de solo dos grados¨.. Apparently Pres. Utchdorf talked about it. That would´ve been nice to know before!! It went well. The AC went off right before I stood up.. needless to say.. It was so hot! Then I talked during out sacrament meeting yesterday. The surprising thing was.. i wasn´t nervous and I held back all my tears. I´m changing. I talked about covenants. It went really well. We had some seventy i´m pretty sure joining us.. and i remember i walked down the stairs and he looked at me and said excellent! That made me feel better! I had people in tears! Which means nothing. I was just so happy that the Spirit really did help me give that talk . I prayed really hard to know what I needed to talk about. And Covenants and ordinances just kept coming up.  It became a talk really guided by the spirit. It was cool. I thought i did a decent job. I´m just grateful for the oppotunity I had to talk.. and share my thoughts with the people I care so much about!
We´re still working on finding Karina´s birth certificate. Why is it this hard!!! I just don´t understand. We have a plan to go to some office tomorrow morning.. so see if we can get it! Pray that we can. She NEEDS to get baptised. She´s sooo ready! We´ve also been teaching a golden contact named Johan. He accepted the invitation to get baptised on the 2nd of Feb. So pray that that´ll happen too!
This is part of the email I wrote to Angela. It´s as spiritual as I get.. so I had to share it :)
I´m doing so great! I still can´t believe that I hit my half way mark this week. It´s crazy how fast time goes by! I´m loving every minute and I wish the time would go by slower. We´re working hard and always busy! The people in the Dominican Republic are so ready. The members are also some of the most faithful people i´ve ever met. Such good examples! I´m learning a lot. Mostly about myself. I´m strengthening my relationship with our Heavenly Father. And i´m truly learning how to apply Christ´s atonement in my life. My mission has been nothing but easy. But The Lord knows each of us perfectly. And his love is perfect and infinite. I´ve been studying Jesus the Christ and memorizing The Living Christ. Those two things have allowed me to better understand our Savior and the life he lived while he was here on earth. This gospel is perfect. And i´m grateful for the opportunity I have to share it.
9 Months this week. That´s nothing. I have 9 more to go! Days go by super fast or super slow that I feel like i´ll be here forever. I´m thankful for my time here. 18 months is just the perfect amount of time.
I´ve attached a picture that we took about an hour ago. These are the new hermanas in the house. The one next to me in my companion. I know. She´s beautfiul. She makes me look like a joke. Oh well! And our zone leader Elder Rosas called us and told us that they wanted us to talk pictures of us teaching.. so here you go. Some awkward pictures of us teaching about el evangelio... haha This is Eddy and his mom Reyna. The Menos activos!.. AND loook at how long my hair is!! .

Hermana Morales

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13 (the Mountains)

Those folks are mountains in the background.!!

No email today. I´m supes busy.. so i have no time!! dumb!
Take care!