Monday, May 19, 2014

February 3, 2014

This week was crazy. We hardly worked.
On Tuesday, The Zone leaders invited us to their area for a service project. The whole zone went.. The service project. Clean an old elders apartment. It´s been empty for a couple of months. Don´t ask why?? Needless to say. It was disgusting. Awful. Terrible. The worst. Just think of a house on some pest control show. Soooo many cockroaches.. it was just filthy. It took us 4 hours to clean that sucker. It was quite the job. But we got it done.. and we got Domnios pizza after. Win. 
On Wednsday, we had our Hermana reunion. Which was wondeful. I was so great to see everyone. I got to see my beloved H.Larson and H. Jacobs and H. Mack. It was so good. Hermana Goff and Hilbun saw eachother and we just wanted to cry. The friendships you make  here are really the best. Life long friendship! We got instructed by a lot of the sisters and Hermana Hernandez. She is wonderful. They leave in July and I´m just so sad! 
ALSO we´ve been teaching a reference named Wilton. He lived in the States for a couple of years and got deported. He spent 1 a year in jail and got back about 3 months ago. Now he´s trying to get back because he had a girlfriend over there. He seems pretty interested.. then we invited him to come to church and he said he can´t come for awhile.. we asked why.. and he showed us his hands. He had  his fingerprints cut off. They looked terrible. Sooo.. he won´t be coming to church anytime soon. AFter the cita.. we just stood there.. kind of in shock. The things people do! OH well. He´s still a son of God and needs the GOSPEL!
The rest of the week was a blur. I haven´t been feeling the greatest.. so we went and got some tests done. And sure enough I have amebas. What are they?? Don´t ask. What I can say is that I hate them. Hate them. So I got some medication and they meds are terrible too. They make you even more sick. so i stayed inside on Friday and Saturday. The worst.  I hate staying in!
BUT today we had a zone activity. It was great. We ate some food.. We played some soccer. I´m out of shape.. it´s cool. We still have fun. That´s why counts. A random elder came up to me today and said.. are you 23?  I told him, si. Then he asked if I was from Utah.. and why I came on a mission.. why didn´t I just get married. Thanks Elder. Thank. you. Not.  Dummies. 
Kidding. Once again. Children of god.
The internet place we use is owned by our neighbor named Aris. He´s great. His wife and i are really interested in the chruch. She came last week and they both came on sunday. We have a cita with him tonight. EVERY TIME we have investigators we´re really excited about... they talk out the temple and family history. Which is great. It just causes them to have lots of questions and get confused. He told us he has a lot. so we´ll see. Wish us luck.

That´s all that happened this week. Boring I know.
But I hope you all have a great week. I love you. And I pray for you daily!
I know this church is true.

Love you!
Hermana Morales

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