Monday, May 27, 2013

week 4

May 27, 2013

This week has been good. It´s hot. But what´s new. It´s rained everyday this week. Heavenly Father really does love us. The rain is amazing. But the downside...It´s super humid.. and the mosquitoes are brutal. Sleeping with a mosquito net is getting old. I made it to one month on Friday... only 17 more months until i get to see the people that i love and miss so much! I hope everyone is going well..and just know that i love and miss you all.

A girl in our ward...(SEE PICTURES BELOW) her call to serve in the salt lake city central mission. She's so happy! and I'm so happy that she's going to my home land. It´s a crazy story... she found me on facebook..and helped me out with what i needed to know about the DR. Now i´m helping her out with her mission. It´s a small world.

The work is steady! We´re constantly busy. Our area is HUGE. So planning for appt.s is hard. But I´m working hard..walking a lot.and constantly sweating. YAY! So enjoy your stove,warm water,CLEAN water.AC. Normal food. Walmart. CARPET! Couches. ICE. ohhh so much to be grateful for!! I´m happy though.Being in a trio is tough.. but i´m making the best of it. I have 8 weeks left until i´ll probs be training.. i have a lot to learn. I wrote a huge letter last that goes into dept on our investigators!Enjoy all 11 pages!!sorry! hahah
i finally had a diet coke. So much better than the US. I stopped drinking it though... i´m sticking to  water! 

I love and miss you guys! I pray for you guys ever day I taught RS and Sunday school yesterday..who am i! i had to teach about Elder Christofferson...... is that how you spelll it...his talk during conference...on marriage.. it´s a good one. look it up! 

Love you guys! Keep the prayers coming....and some money. or just access to my card!!i need it. 

LOVE YOU ALL! HUG ALL THE KIDS FOR ME. this computer sucks..or else i would send some pictures. i have lots! 

love you and miss you like crazy!

Hermana Morales

Monday, May 13, 2013

Week #3

May 13, 2013

Thank you all for the prayers and emails! I'm feeling them from all the way over here. This mission is tough. I'm not going to lie. I'm discouraged every single day. But I'm also reminded every single day why I'm here. I've had to completely forget about myself and my needs. It's not about me anymore.... it's about Him. It's about serving his children so they can return back to him someday. It's weird to think about the love I have for these people. I don't even know them and I love them. I just wanna serve. That's why I'm here. 

I'm currently in Las Americas - Los Frailes II... it's right next the ocean.. which is pretty sweet. I've also never been so hot in my entire life.. I'm always sweating. TMI...I don't care. 

We hardly have time to cook... so we eat on the go a lot... Apples are the center of my diet. I love the ward we're in.. they're all so nice!! It's weird to see such a young bishop.. and one that hardly ever wears a white shirt and a tie.  He's very relaxed, which is pretty much everyone on the island. The second they here I'm from Utah they say oohhhh the factory.. Its getting old I'm not going to lie. But I'm doing well! I just want everyone to know that! I'm working hard and giving it all I've got! I know why I'm here.. and I know Heavenly Father will guide me to where I need to go. Its amazing what the spirit can do. When I'm sitting in lessons teaching investigators.. the words just come. He knows what the people need and we are just instruments in the lords hands. 

I'm so lucky.  I have to keep telling myself what i privilege it is to do it! I may not have water or electricity.. but I have the gospel and a family back home that love me. To me that's enough.  I know if I focus myself on the important things in life this this will fly by. I want nothing more than to see the people I love everyday but I'm where I'm supposed to be and I'm happy.  And I'm now forced to speak Spanish everyday.. so its getting better!! Yay!! Finally! 

I miss the MTC though. We were such a small group that we all became really close! The teachers were amazing! They spoiled us way to much... when we got in the field we didn't know what to do. Can I also say that Dominicans are the worst drivers in the world. I said it. The worst!!!

Thank you all again for the ongoing support! You are amazing and I love you all dearly.  I'm working really hard because I don't want to let anyone down! 

I'll talk to you all next week!! 

Love, Hermana Morales!!!

Week #2

(hermana morales in the CCM (MTC) in the Dominican Republic.  Doesn't she look great?!)

I miss you guys. I miss you guys so much. But would you hate me that I only miss everyone during the night time as i'm laying in my bed....
They keep us soooo busy here! Since were only here for 2 weeks.. they try to get in as much as possible. 

So It’s like way hot here! Like supes hot. It’s beautiful! We got to go the temple this morning! It was awesome! We did a session… my first in Spanish. And we did sealings with the CCM (MTC) president and his wife. It was awesome! The temple is beautiful! And right across the street. They feed us a ton here. Like. A lot. EVERYDAY! WE have a ton of bananas! And good thing I like rice because we eat it everday! 
Learning Spanish is the worst. I suck. I feel like I’m the worst ever! BUT!!! President always tells us to compare ourselves to the first day we were here…. If I do that! I’m amazing. Kidding.  I’m okay though! We teach investigators twice a day….. aka our teachers. I hate it.  We talked about how to control our stress on the mission field the other day.. and our teacher asked what stresses us.. and I looked at him and said… you! It’s the worst. They are so rude. I honestly don’t think a real investigator would just fall asleep while we talk! So dumb. But we’re learning how to better teach our investigators… trying to figure out what they need! Instead of shoving doctrine down their throats. But it’s going well. 
I love everyone here! I may or may not be the 3 oldest person here.. but whateves! These peeps are obsessed with UTAH. They ask me so many questions. So when I get back... I may or may not have a lot of people visiting!
Dominicans are the nicest people. And the hardest to understand. But I’m getting a lot better. We leave the CCM on Monday. I’m scared! I’m used to the comfort of the CCM. Food. Shower. Laundry. Beds. Running water. Everything! I’ll have to send pictures next time! 

We had a devotional the other night from a member of the seventy. Elder Devin Cornish. He’s serving a mission here and lives across the street. He has a son who has down syndrome who’s the cutest boy ever! He does amazing tricks on roller blades so everyday after breakfast or lunch he does tricks. ANYWAYS…. He mentioned the we don’t work alone. We need to teach with the spirit and the first convert should be you and second your companion. He said we should have more conversions that baptisms… so true! I loved it! He was great!!! If you can send this to everyone! I’m getting kicked off!

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I pray about you all everyday.. Seriously. Like 12 times a day. We pray a lot up in here.

Don’t forget me! – Hermana Morales

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week #1

This is Sister Morales' very first email home after she arrived in the Dominican Republic:

(Sister Morales in the SLC airport, April 24, 2013)

YES! I made it! It's beautiful here!! AND so freaking hot. It's going really well though. I met up with a total of 14 missionaries going to various places! So it was good not having to travel alone! I didn't realize how hard talking in Spanish all the time was. I just wanna speak English sometimes. I just need to realize that it's going to be a major blessing! So I keep praying for heavenly Father to allow me to be teachable and become better with my Spanish. Cause let me tell you! Dominicans speak fast.. and i can't understand what they say. Then they make fun of how I say words. Its super frustrating.

 BUT i got my first appointment while waiting at the Miami airport yesterday. There was a guy who was talking to us about Santo Domingo and how to be safe and where to eat. ANYWAYS. gave us his number and told us come visit him so we can continue to talk to him about the church. It was pretty cool... He was a cool guy :) 

Well I'm running out of time! hopefully i have some pictures to send next time. Tell the kids i love them and miss them sooo much!  Also tell them to work hard and pray to have the desire to serve! Only been one day and I can honestly say it's HARD but worth it. The spirit is sooo strong here and the people are great! they carry such a strong spirit it's contagious. The temple is beautiful too! 

We got our first companion assignments and mine is Hermana Pierre. She's from Haiti and just the sweetest girl. She speaks Creole (sp) french and Spanish! Who is she! She's so nice though. We get along really well. We also share a room with Hermana Morato who's from Santiago DR and another from Guatemala named Hermana Palacio. Both equally sweet. H. Morato is teaching me how to speak like Dominicans. Which let's be real... seems impossible. Its weird to think but I've spoken so much Spanish lately that I'm thinking in espanol! CRAY. You guys thought I'd lose my humor huh... that aint' possible. If only the other girls got my humor. I'm hilarious. They don't get it yet. Hopefully i come with with some gweat jokes. Maybs. 

I'm really happy though. I know i'm doing the right thing. Just think I get to wear Christ's name next to mine everyday for a year and a half. That along is amazing. I'm so lucky. I get to invite the spirit into peoples lives and allow them to see what amazing blessings they can have if they only just allow them in. Pretty incredible. Presidente Freestone is the CCM (MTC) he's way nice and so is his wife. There from Orem.

 I know this is all random information. I just know I want to cram in as much as possible. It's hot. I can say that again. I can see the ocean that's pretty amazing. It's gorgeous. The people are sooo friendly. i wanna talk like them. sooo bad! Practice and patience right.  Anyways i love you guys and miss you guys dearly! just wanted to let you know I'm safe and sound but exhausted. Being on a plane all day wore me out!

 love you guys...hope to hear from you soon!  - Hermana Morales

 I'm done. my companion is done.