Monday, May 13, 2013

Week #2

(hermana morales in the CCM (MTC) in the Dominican Republic.  Doesn't she look great?!)

I miss you guys. I miss you guys so much. But would you hate me that I only miss everyone during the night time as i'm laying in my bed....
They keep us soooo busy here! Since were only here for 2 weeks.. they try to get in as much as possible. 

So It’s like way hot here! Like supes hot. It’s beautiful! We got to go the temple this morning! It was awesome! We did a session… my first in Spanish. And we did sealings with the CCM (MTC) president and his wife. It was awesome! The temple is beautiful! And right across the street. They feed us a ton here. Like. A lot. EVERYDAY! WE have a ton of bananas! And good thing I like rice because we eat it everday! 
Learning Spanish is the worst. I suck. I feel like I’m the worst ever! BUT!!! President always tells us to compare ourselves to the first day we were here…. If I do that! I’m amazing. Kidding.  I’m okay though! We teach investigators twice a day….. aka our teachers. I hate it.  We talked about how to control our stress on the mission field the other day.. and our teacher asked what stresses us.. and I looked at him and said… you! It’s the worst. They are so rude. I honestly don’t think a real investigator would just fall asleep while we talk! So dumb. But we’re learning how to better teach our investigators… trying to figure out what they need! Instead of shoving doctrine down their throats. But it’s going well. 
I love everyone here! I may or may not be the 3 oldest person here.. but whateves! These peeps are obsessed with UTAH. They ask me so many questions. So when I get back... I may or may not have a lot of people visiting!
Dominicans are the nicest people. And the hardest to understand. But I’m getting a lot better. We leave the CCM on Monday. I’m scared! I’m used to the comfort of the CCM. Food. Shower. Laundry. Beds. Running water. Everything! I’ll have to send pictures next time! 

We had a devotional the other night from a member of the seventy. Elder Devin Cornish. He’s serving a mission here and lives across the street. He has a son who has down syndrome who’s the cutest boy ever! He does amazing tricks on roller blades so everyday after breakfast or lunch he does tricks. ANYWAYS…. He mentioned the we don’t work alone. We need to teach with the spirit and the first convert should be you and second your companion. He said we should have more conversions that baptisms… so true! I loved it! He was great!!! If you can send this to everyone! I’m getting kicked off!

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I pray about you all everyday.. Seriously. Like 12 times a day. We pray a lot up in here.

Don’t forget me! – Hermana Morales

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