Monday, May 13, 2013

Week #3

May 13, 2013

Thank you all for the prayers and emails! I'm feeling them from all the way over here. This mission is tough. I'm not going to lie. I'm discouraged every single day. But I'm also reminded every single day why I'm here. I've had to completely forget about myself and my needs. It's not about me anymore.... it's about Him. It's about serving his children so they can return back to him someday. It's weird to think about the love I have for these people. I don't even know them and I love them. I just wanna serve. That's why I'm here. 

I'm currently in Las Americas - Los Frailes II... it's right next the ocean.. which is pretty sweet. I've also never been so hot in my entire life.. I'm always sweating. TMI...I don't care. 

We hardly have time to cook... so we eat on the go a lot... Apples are the center of my diet. I love the ward we're in.. they're all so nice!! It's weird to see such a young bishop.. and one that hardly ever wears a white shirt and a tie.  He's very relaxed, which is pretty much everyone on the island. The second they here I'm from Utah they say oohhhh the factory.. Its getting old I'm not going to lie. But I'm doing well! I just want everyone to know that! I'm working hard and giving it all I've got! I know why I'm here.. and I know Heavenly Father will guide me to where I need to go. Its amazing what the spirit can do. When I'm sitting in lessons teaching investigators.. the words just come. He knows what the people need and we are just instruments in the lords hands. 

I'm so lucky.  I have to keep telling myself what i privilege it is to do it! I may not have water or electricity.. but I have the gospel and a family back home that love me. To me that's enough.  I know if I focus myself on the important things in life this this will fly by. I want nothing more than to see the people I love everyday but I'm where I'm supposed to be and I'm happy.  And I'm now forced to speak Spanish everyday.. so its getting better!! Yay!! Finally! 

I miss the MTC though. We were such a small group that we all became really close! The teachers were amazing! They spoiled us way to much... when we got in the field we didn't know what to do. Can I also say that Dominicans are the worst drivers in the world. I said it. The worst!!!

Thank you all again for the ongoing support! You are amazing and I love you all dearly.  I'm working really hard because I don't want to let anyone down! 

I'll talk to you all next week!! 

Love, Hermana Morales!!!

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