Monday, May 27, 2013

week 4

May 27, 2013

This week has been good. It´s hot. But what´s new. It´s rained everyday this week. Heavenly Father really does love us. The rain is amazing. But the downside...It´s super humid.. and the mosquitoes are brutal. Sleeping with a mosquito net is getting old. I made it to one month on Friday... only 17 more months until i get to see the people that i love and miss so much! I hope everyone is going well..and just know that i love and miss you all.

A girl in our ward...(SEE PICTURES BELOW) her call to serve in the salt lake city central mission. She's so happy! and I'm so happy that she's going to my home land. It´s a crazy story... she found me on facebook..and helped me out with what i needed to know about the DR. Now i´m helping her out with her mission. It´s a small world.

The work is steady! We´re constantly busy. Our area is HUGE. So planning for appt.s is hard. But I´m working hard..walking a lot.and constantly sweating. YAY! So enjoy your stove,warm water,CLEAN water.AC. Normal food. Walmart. CARPET! Couches. ICE. ohhh so much to be grateful for!! I´m happy though.Being in a trio is tough.. but i´m making the best of it. I have 8 weeks left until i´ll probs be training.. i have a lot to learn. I wrote a huge letter last that goes into dept on our investigators!Enjoy all 11 pages!!sorry! hahah
i finally had a diet coke. So much better than the US. I stopped drinking it though... i´m sticking to  water! 

I love and miss you guys! I pray for you guys ever day I taught RS and Sunday school yesterday..who am i! i had to teach about Elder Christofferson...... is that how you spelll it...his talk during conference...on marriage.. it´s a good one. look it up! 

Love you guys! Keep the prayers coming....and some money. or just access to my card!!i need it. 

LOVE YOU ALL! HUG ALL THE KIDS FOR ME. this computer sucks..or else i would send some pictures. i have lots! 

love you and miss you like crazy!

Hermana Morales

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