Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week #1

This is Sister Morales' very first email home after she arrived in the Dominican Republic:

(Sister Morales in the SLC airport, April 24, 2013)

YES! I made it! It's beautiful here!! AND so freaking hot. It's going really well though. I met up with a total of 14 missionaries going to various places! So it was good not having to travel alone! I didn't realize how hard talking in Spanish all the time was. I just wanna speak English sometimes. I just need to realize that it's going to be a major blessing! So I keep praying for heavenly Father to allow me to be teachable and become better with my Spanish. Cause let me tell you! Dominicans speak fast.. and i can't understand what they say. Then they make fun of how I say words. Its super frustrating.

 BUT i got my first appointment while waiting at the Miami airport yesterday. There was a guy who was talking to us about Santo Domingo and how to be safe and where to eat. ANYWAYS. gave us his number and told us come visit him so we can continue to talk to him about the church. It was pretty cool... He was a cool guy :) 

Well I'm running out of time! hopefully i have some pictures to send next time. Tell the kids i love them and miss them sooo much!  Also tell them to work hard and pray to have the desire to serve! Only been one day and I can honestly say it's HARD but worth it. The spirit is sooo strong here and the people are great! they carry such a strong spirit it's contagious. The temple is beautiful too! 

We got our first companion assignments and mine is Hermana Pierre. She's from Haiti and just the sweetest girl. She speaks Creole (sp) french and Spanish! Who is she! She's so nice though. We get along really well. We also share a room with Hermana Morato who's from Santiago DR and another from Guatemala named Hermana Palacio. Both equally sweet. H. Morato is teaching me how to speak like Dominicans. Which let's be real... seems impossible. Its weird to think but I've spoken so much Spanish lately that I'm thinking in espanol! CRAY. You guys thought I'd lose my humor huh... that aint' possible. If only the other girls got my humor. I'm hilarious. They don't get it yet. Hopefully i come with with some gweat jokes. Maybs. 

I'm really happy though. I know i'm doing the right thing. Just think I get to wear Christ's name next to mine everyday for a year and a half. That along is amazing. I'm so lucky. I get to invite the spirit into peoples lives and allow them to see what amazing blessings they can have if they only just allow them in. Pretty incredible. Presidente Freestone is the CCM (MTC) he's way nice and so is his wife. There from Orem.

 I know this is all random information. I just know I want to cram in as much as possible. It's hot. I can say that again. I can see the ocean that's pretty amazing. It's gorgeous. The people are sooo friendly. i wanna talk like them. sooo bad! Practice and patience right.  Anyways i love you guys and miss you guys dearly! just wanted to let you know I'm safe and sound but exhausted. Being on a plane all day wore me out!

 love you guys...hope to hear from you soon!  - Hermana Morales

 I'm done. my companion is done. 

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