Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9th

Key points:
Stake conference this weekend. I´ve never seen so many people jammed packed into a stake center. It was awesome! President even was surprised! And the theme was La Obra Misional! Sweet! 
- The other day Hermana Jacobs and I were buying some water. We walked into this little store thing.. and they didn´t have any. SOME guys here are just annoying.. and they love american.. so they said some remark.. and were trying to walk out.. when lo and behold.. H. Jacobs runs into the metal shade that was pulled half way down to block the sun. So much for a smooth getaway. I died. It was hilarious. I have a great companion.. that can just laugh about stuff like it. 
- Rosa. Sweet sweet Rosa. We had to dejar Rosa. Sadly. But it was needed. She can´t go to church.. and she just is a hard person to teach. I have´nt mentioned what she does with the songs.. When we´re done singing a song she likes to repeat back to us the last verse. It´s never ANYwhere close to the actual words. Haha and then she says.. MORALES. I´m really smart. I Just know the words! Kareoke? At Rosa´s. Pretty sweet. 
- Have I told you about Luchi? I LOVE Luchi.She´s this 83 and just the best person ever. She always sees us in the street and no joke she totally jumps up and down when she see´s us because she´s so excited! I love her. She´s one of the oldest members in this country I think.. ha. And shés just a reference machine. She can´t every go to church because her husband Jose is really sick. Which makes her real sad. So we visit her every week.. and she always has a little something for us. She always buys us coke. I´m going to get fat because of Luchi. I don´t care though.. i love her. 
- I love our investigators. It´s amazing how much you can love someone so fast. They always have the most sincere prays i´ve ever heard. They always pray for us. And the thing that gets me everytime.. is that they pray for our families. I love that part. 
- I told you about The Asenjo´s last week.. maybs. Well it´s this great family in our ward. He´s the second counselor.. and his wife is just the best lady. They invited us to their house for christmas.. I´m so excited. The 24th will be crazy. I´ll for sure gain 20 lbs that day yikes. They have a son who´s serving in the west mission.. we met him the other day. Just a great family. They have a son.. also named Andy. Who we´ve been trying to capacitate for lessons.. he´s kind of a punk. But he´s so nice! He´s just hilarious. Last night we were at their house.. and he just had some questions about the plan of salvation. With our nifty little chart.. we taught him. It was such a cool lesson. He had a lot of genuine questions. Last night at the christmas devotional. #ChristmasDevo... ha Hna Asenjo came up to us and just thanked us for spending time and teaching her son. He´s 19 and just i guess having hard time. She was so grateful for the time we spent with him. It was cool. 
- Chrismas devotional was fun. It was hard to hear due to the amount of children running around and yelling.. but the music was great. 
- People here say ¨Si Dios Quiere¨. I hate when they say that. They usually say it when we invite them to church or invite them to read the BOM. And I´m usually really blunt... and tell... ¨Hermana, DIOS SIEMPRE QUIERE QUE ASISTAS LA IGLESIA¨. I just hate when they say it.
 Enough about that...
This week was cool. We found out that the ward is willing to pay for Nelson and Karina to get married. WHOO. So if all goes the way it should..l we´ll have a wedding and a baptism!! Yes. Pray for Karina and Nelson!
We went to San Luis and met with some of the girls that come to church every week. Anabel, Anna, And Elaina. Cute girls. They just want to be baptised. 3 fechas.. i´ll take it. I just hope i´m here... It´s not until February.
ANYWAYS. My brain is goo and I can´t think of anything else that happened. Oh well. It was a good week.. We had Park de Este today. I loved seeing my hermana friends.
Until Next week amigos.
I love you all and miss you like crazy! 
Hermana Morales

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