Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

And i´m so anxious. I hate transfers. What will happen! I have no idea!
On Thursday we had intercambios... I went with Hermana Goff in here area. It was really good. We had to be home early that night.. due to the crazies out in the street. She´s a great missionary. There´s lots I´ve learned from her. As a sister training leader i´m in charge of doing intercambios.. Tomorrow i´ll do one with Her companion Hermana Hilbun. Should be fun :)
New Years eve was as crazy as they get. We made dinner.. and we chatted. We watched the TESTAMENTS... I know cray. And we waited for the time. I´m pretty sure our clock was accurate and we celebrated on time. But in true dominican fashion.. people celebrated.. like 10 minutes later. We watched fireworks from our balcony.. and celebrated Hermana Jacobs birthday. And were in bed by 10:30.
We couldn´t leave until 3 the next day.. so we slept in. Which was wonderful!
That night we celebrated with a tre leches cake and we gave her a present.. a skirt she´s been eyeing for our entire time together... She loved it. 
On thursday we had our district meeting. Which consisted of us just playing games. We all made a fool of ourselves... stupid animal noises. It was fun. 
Karina made us empanadas... they were bomb. And have I mentioned that they always buy us coke. I love them. Not just for the coke... but because they are just the best people. Karina is CHANGING. Her prayers are so sincere. They are so specific.. Makes me want to work on mine.. oops. She´s great. I love her. She´s always at every activity.. and early to church. THEY JUST NEED TO GET MARRIED. Good news.. the office open up this week. So hopefully a miracle happens. 
On Friday we watched the Christmas Devotional as a zone.. Hermana Jacobs made brownies.. We left to use the restroom and got back and they were GONE. Thanks for saving us one, Elders.
Fun fact: Dominican Vocab is crazy. They just make up words and phrases.. and they mean something. What! Example. Pila = Lots. Tipo/Tipa= Girl or guy.. What. What... boggles my mind. I´m going to come  home with all sorts of words.. ha
Saturday Obispo Walker had us over to Lunch.. It was great. We played dominos... My favorite game.. And he went over the new ward mission plan. Lots of things in this coming year. As well as a new ward mission leader.. we need one bad! 
Inoel passed the sacrament on Sunday. It was a special moment.
Over all a good week. Kinda scattered.. Whatever. I´m in a hurry.
I love you all!
Hermana Morales

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