Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

This week has been great! We've  contacted sooo much. And we've also gotten a TON of doors slammed in our face. its great! The best part! We have this crazy catholic lady that seriously  yelled at us when we tried to give her the invitation to come to church. YELL. And just run inside and slam the door. We see her every night on our way home... and each day she gets nicer. Yesterday... she blew us a kiss and said Ayyyy mis Hermanitas!! Las quiero!!.... Really! Shes the same lady. Those are my favorite people. The culture hear is so different. Its funny. so many people answer the door in a towel. If you're in the shower when someone knocks on the door... stay in the shower. Yesterday.... We knocked on a door that we thought was to a vacant house but we wanted to make sure. Some guys opens the door a tiny bit and in broken English says... I'm almost naked... Why are you answering the door if your almost naked and why are you telling us that. Weirdo. i love the mission. you meet so many crazy people. 

The new area is great. I'm getting a great workout climbing up sooo many stairs. I love my companion H. Larson. Shes so great. We just laugh the whole time. Its been raining sooo many lately. Its the best.. Only i guess that just means that houses get flooded when it rains a lot. So maybe its not a good things... Oops! We had a tropical storm warning the other day... that was exciting. WE didn't notice until we looked at the phone and had 8 missed calls from our district leader. He hates us. Poor guy is in charge of 9 hermanas. It was okay though.. it stopped raining. 

The teaching is going well too! We have some fechas with people. We are just waiting for them to finalize the wedding papers.. And another boy who wants to get married we just have to get permission from the mom. Poor boy has been waiting since January! Hes just waiting for permission! We also we teaching this lady named Jajara who was soo nice and she showed so much interest... Until we started talking about the first vision.. and the book of Mormon. She gave us a boche! Which means... like a scolding... i think that's what it translates to. She didn't want to hear anything else. Then I'm sitting there talking to her.. and she looks at my companion and asks why are you crying! Then i looked at her.. and she was crying! I was so confused! She later explained to me she was sad that she wasn't accepting the message.. and she couldn't{t control her emotions. It was so great! hahah we laughed about that one later. She later invited us to come over next week so teach us how to make Dominican food. Were going to be sneaky and teach her more. Other than that! Its going well. I was talking to my companion the other day and was thinking about what a blessing it is that almost everyone in this country believes in God. If they didn't we'd have to teach them on a whole other level. 

We have lots of rats in our area. That's fun. Not. And we have lizards. Lots of lizards. Cute. But not when they're in your bed. We also have a little mouse that waits by our back door waiting for it to open so it can run in. Those of you that know me.. know i ran to the other side of the apartment when the door opens. Stupid mouse. Other weird side note. The people here call bedrooms habitacions. When I'm just used to calling them cuarto. Every time i hear that i think of the zoo.. and how the animals are in habitats.... I may be the only one that thinks that's weird. oh well. WE have a Haitian village in our area that has a street where they just sell flowers! Its my favorite! It smells sooo good! 
yesterday we were supposed to have a killer day with investigators attending church! Not one came!! What. We even went to all of their houses! We met this lady named Angelica who has had such a hard life and she just wants to change. the day we met her she just cried because she said we were an answer to her prayers. That sweet lady. She is so great. And another girl who's 14 named Aura... who is sooo smart. She asks questions that i don't even know the answer to.. Shes so great! I hope they keep progressing! 

Anyways. just so you know I'm safe and happy.

I love you guys all! 

Take care! and keep praying!

Hermana Morales

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