Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 19, 2013

I'm doing fantastic. I´m really happy. I love mi compañera. And i´m finally getting the hang of errthing. Teaching, the schedule, being obedient, serving others, everything. The things i´m learning... are just pretty great. I´m pretty sure this is the only place i´d want to learn them.. while on a mission. I´m changing everyday... and it´s awesome. I sometimes shock myself with my comments... after i say it.. i just kinda think.. yep just answered that question is spanish.. and i never thought i´d even know that answer. I´m falling in loooove with the scriptures.. I just read a lot. i´m working on the new testament now.. and i just love it. Learning more about Christ is so interesting. I´m working on becoming more Christ like and just over all a better person. I still have those moments when i do something stupid and kinda think to myself.... crap. I´m not even changing. But in reality, i am. We have some great investigators which is keep reminding me that i´m needed here. I´m doing something right.. because we keep finding people. People that are ready.. and they just want to be baptised! It´s such a huge blessing. 

Overall. I´m good. I still have my days. The times during the day when i´m just sitting there.... studying.. if i´m not focued my mind wanders. I can´t have that. I get all sad. So i´m just grateful that i get to work. I get to work for the majority of the day.. even if i´m dying of heat, sweating and just look like poop.... i still get to work. I get to forget about myself.. and worry abotu other things.. like doing our contacts :)

I miss you alot though. I think about you often. I hope all is well and that you still remember and little ands. I´ve attached some pictues.. we had p day today... because our zone got to go tour the plalacio national.... i think it´s a bigger deal than i´m even aware of. Google it. Let me know. It was awesome... such awesome architecture.... yep that´s spelled wrong.. haha 

miss you mija! Take care and i´ll talk to you soon!

Love you!!

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