Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 26, 2013

Another week. How does time go by so fast! I can´t wait to know what it feels like to not be exhausted all of the time. Oh well. It´s worth it. 
The DR is great. I love it. I don´t want to go home. We had a great week last week. We had a zone conference with Elder Zivic... which was awesome!!! He is soo great. He said so many things i needed to hear. I have a lot of changes to do. I see myself changing every week... and its awesome. Only i still have my moments.. when i think to myself... crap! Nope haven´t changed. It´s a work in progress. One day. I´ll return a new person. The mission will serve me some good, i just know it! 
We have a baptism this weekend...on the 31st. YAY! Finally Beatrice is getting baptised. She was supposed to have her interview on Satruday.. but she was way sick. So after some changes we scheduled it for Sunday. Our district leader couldn´t come down.. so now it´s tomorrow. Finally.. we only wasted all of our minutes getting that figured out. It´ll be nice to come home and not worry about mintues. Or i just wont have a phone.. i don´t miss mine one bit! 
I can´t believe we have 2 weeks left in this transfer... what! I feel like i just got out of the hospital yesterday! We have some changes happening in the next little bit. Hna. Walker´s companion Hna Jackson is going home tomorrow for some medical issues.. so we´ll be working in a trio for the next coupld of weeks.. and we´ll be covering the whole area.. the whole HUGE area. It´ll be fine. I´ll survive. I´m sad to see her go but i´m glad she´ll be going home to get the help that she needs. 
Hna. Larson and I are doing great. We keep getting talks during our district meetings about how to better get along with your companion.. and its just such a blessing that we get along perfectly. And that we just work so well together. I´m sure i´ll run into that later.. so i guess i should take notes. Yikes. 

We´ve been teaching a family... Maoli y Julio.. and they accepted the invitation to be baptised.. now just to get them to church. The hardest part. Another one Holtensia is progessing.. she´s going to church and reading the book of mormon.. that´s what i like to hear. And Alex and Aideleen... another awesome family!!! They love what they hear.. and the dad Alex said that it´s about time that they start implementing a religion in their lives... i hope it´s ours! 
We have intercambios with the CCM every friday.. Which i hate and love. Hate planning for it. Since we have to double plan. But love doing them. The girl i wen tout with.. Hna Dawid from CA. She´s been a member for a year. She´s awesome... and so smart. She told me i was a good missionary. That made me feel good.. since i just made her walk around our entire area since no one we originally planned to see were home.. dumb. 

But the work is growing. We´ve been finding sooo many menos activo people.. which breaks my heart. But keeps up busy!
I love the mission. I´m grateful for the opportunity to change and to grow. I´m working soo hard. And i´m really trying to develop those attributes i need in my life. I can see and feel the change. Everyday is different.. and another challenge. But it keeps life interesting.

I love you all. Sorry this email is lame. My mind is all over the place.. and i´m just not focused. Writting an email with the highlights is hard. 
I miss you guys so much!

Con Amor
Hermana Morales

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