Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

So. News. 
We got transfers calls on Saturday. We have 43 new missionaries coming in so they've been calling all weekend with the news. As we were leaving to head to Beatriz's baptism we get all call from Presidente Hernandez.... telling us that Hermana Larson and I will both be training and staying in our area. P.S. I have a feeling i'll be in Villa Fran for my entire mission. I'm never leaving this place. Somone please send me to Aruba already... And Hermana Walker will be opening up a new hermana area in San Pedro. So that means one of us will have to work in her area.
We get a call last night.. from Elder Graff one of the APS... he asks to talk to me.. and in a really happy excited voice tells me i'll be in a trio. And i'll be training TWO. TWO HERMNANAS. I can barely take care of myself.  Now I have to take care of TWO. What a joke. So i had a little bit of a melt down... mostly me just laughing and I went to bed. 
This morning I got a call from Elder Graff again telling me to wait up tonight because my companion from Guatemala will be here at 11:30. Awesome. I feel terrible. I really am excited.. and equally terrified. Mostly terrified. But I know the Lord qualifies who He calls. I know this will be a huge learning opportunity and i'm willing to work really hard so that these girls learn a lot. I wish my people pleasing self wasn't here. I just want these girls to like me geez. BUT. I'll be fine. It'll be a long 12 weeks if i choose to be unhappy. Plus side. I get to still be in the same house as Hermana Larson. I love her. I'm so happy about that. And we're both training! We can do this..

Anyways. Beatriz got baptised on Saturday!!! It was a great day. It even stopped raining while we took pictures. The Lord really does love us :) She was so happy. And her family came to support. Which was the best! The baptism was at 5:30 and it started right on Dominican time.. 6;30. Which was a joke. We felt terrible. She asked our district leader E. Coello to baptise her so he left the Stake conference Priesthood session thing early.. and he just got to hang out. This is why i'm staying in Villa Fran for 12 more weeks. To learn how to work with this ward. It is the HARDEST thing ever. We get no help and there's no communication between our bishop and our ward mission leader. It's cool. We have a game plan.. and I hope it works!
As we were leaving the baptism on Saturday night.. we were walking out of the parking lot of the church and trying to close the gate when we realize that there's two kids running around the grass area... Well we couldn't get them out. And It was POURING rain.. so just imagine 3 hermanas runnning around chasing these little kids... ugh. It was the worst. 
Then yesterday.. we had an baptismal interview for a girl named Anadal... (expect pictures next week.. she gets baptised on the 14th) And we were waiting out from with our district leader and we were trying to open the door.. while the crazy kids are climbing all over us.. and one of the elders breaks the key.. So that was fun. These kids are crazy! CRAZY! It makes me never want to have kids. Kidding. I'll just actually parent them and not allow them to go awal down the streets. 

Life is good. We get to go to the temple on the 26th... and I am sooo excited. I miss the temple. 
Our district leader hates us. 
The DR is really humid. 

I realize that this was the most random email. I'm sorry! 
I love you all. I could use a prayer or two... I'm going to need it. 

I love you all. And I hope all is well!

- Hermana Morales

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