Monday, October 21, 2013

October 14th

Can we just say that I never want to relive last week again. EVER. 
So Monday went well. We went to Megacentro.. we got home early enough that I got to wash all my clothes. We worked. We had awesome lessons. One that went a little later than planned. When we left we had 15 minutes to get home. It takes about 20-25. So we just had to book it. Remember how missionary work is all about obedience and when we're obedient you recieve blessings. Well i'm in need. So i wanted to get home on time. So we just walked fast. My companion was falling behind a couple times so we just slowed down. When we got home. She couldn't breath. So she used her inhaler.. and it wasn't working.. It got so bad that we just had to calls the APs to take us to the emergeny room. On our way there we she passed out. She finally woke up when they gave her some oxygen. Can i just say that that was one of the scariest experiences ever. I didn't know what to doo! Anyways.. we were there until midnight.. and got home super late. So this week... we couldn't go a lot of working. We had a lot of Doctor visits.. lot's of resting. 
And to top off the awesomeness of the week. My cutie companion and trainee left super early this morning at 5 am. I'm heartbroken. It was one of the hardest things to do to see her leave. But we both have faith in the Lord. And understand that it's his will and not ours. I know she'll be just fine. And I know that i'll be able to see her real soon. I'm just grateful for the opportunity that I had to meet her. And that I was able to teach her alittle bit about missionary work.. I hope she was able to learn something.. if not to just learn to laugh at my pointless jokes and when I say words totally wrong in espanol. She was a wonderful example to me and i'm such a better person for having met her. I'm super grateful for her desire to serve and her willingness to just try. She was always willing to particapate and I was able to witness the spirit working through her. I'll always have a special place in my heart for my sweet little companion. She was my go to when I needed to vent in my native language. I'll just miss her a lot. I'm going to work hard to do everything in my power to teach with power and authority to help OUR investigators progress. She deserves to see the fruits of her labors. She helped out soo much! 
Overall. The week was a blur. It lasted awhile.. and I don't want to go back. I just want to move forward. And though the desire to go out and work is hard to get.. i know that's the only cure. Work. The work is the BIGGEST blessing out here. I'm grateful for the opportunites I have to serve OTHERS and forget about poor little Hermana Morales' problemas. 
I'm happy to be here. And i'm willing to give it all I've got. I've got one more year to make a difference.. and do everything possible to represent our loving savior Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for this chance.... but i'm even more grateful that tonight at 6... i get to leave the house. I get to leave.. and go to WORK. I get to forget about the problems we've faced.. and just focus on the positve. 
The Lord showed me a tender mercy today. As soon as Hermana L left. It started pouring. And it's been raining ever since. And to top it off.. this might sound lame.. but it made me happy. My favorite pen ran out of ink last night. And It's the last one I've got. I woke up and found another one on my desk.  How it got there.. i have no idea. The Lord loves me.

I miss all my family and friends at home. I wish i could see you all right now. More than anything I wish i could just call up my mom or mi mejor amiga.. and just talk. Too bad folks .. it's not your time yet. Wait another year.. or just until Christmas. 

I love you all. I've felt your love and support and i'm so grateful! 

Hermana Morales

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