Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hola Famila y Amigos!

I was an wreck last week so I failed to mention that we have transfers tomorrow!! We got the calls yesterday. Actually. I got the call on Saturday afternoon. I could´ve been my entire apoyo I wasn´t going to be transered. I was that sure of it. I didn´t think they would make me leave hermana mack with her Asthma issues. We finally got a routine down and I was better able to help her..Sure enough the call came. President informed me that i was being transfered to the Zone Hainamosa (google it) and I´ve been called to serve as the new sister training leader for the zone. (No worries i had to look it up... the link is attached). All i know is that ours called us every sunday :) I´m sure they do a lot more. 

This week was tough. A lot of challenges have presented themselves. Monday was just overall a hard day. We also ended the day in the emergency room My companion had another asthma attack. We we spent the week at the doctors office. And we just couldn´t make it out that much. She´s just been having a lot of problems and we´re just trying to figure out what´s best for her. We also almost made it to the emergency room on saturday night.. but the APs didn´t answer their phone... i just stayed up with her until 4 am until the pain went away.

Gotta love the mission. There´s a challenge everyday! It´s great. I´m learning a growing.. so I can´t complain. 

I´m sad to leave. I´m excited for the change and this new opportunity to serve in a different area. But i hate change. It´s hard to adapt. But i´ve dont it before I can do it again. People are finally going to church thought.. We have Pedro who has a date for November we´re just feeling it out for when he´s best prepared. Although we might give him to the elders.. because He says comments that make me feel uncomfortable. haha. But i´m leaving so that doesn´t matter. And Yayhjara (spelt so weird) I looove this family! The picture is on Yaira´s birthday. We bought her some muffin things and some ballons and gave her a cute card! then we talked about the wonderful plan of Salvation again.. yay. 
I just want to see her baptised. More than anything. They would be the best members! But We´ll just have to keep praying. I´m not looking forward to telling her I´m leaving tonight.. she doesn´t do to well when missionaries leave.

What else. My mind is jello I can´t think of anything else! 
OH! One more thing. We went to the CCM the other day to visit the doctor.. and I saw my companion from the CCM hermana Pierre! I was sooo happy to see her!! We saw eachother and just freaked out. I even got teary eyed... I dont know why. It was so nice to see her!! And I got to see all of my old CCM teachers which was sweet. 

I´m just rambling now. I´ll finish. Next week i´ll have all new adventures! How sweet. Wish me luck! 

Love you all!

Hermana Morales

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