Monday, November 25, 2013

November 18th

Do people even read this email? I feel like I write it just to write it. 
This week was cray. 
On Monday we have a NDH with a recent member named Rafael. He´s awesome. His entire family are members... and he finally took the plunge in September. His family is great. She always makes us food. She´s a great cook too.. So we eat it. Oops. If I go to hell for eating a people houses.. so be it. 
We have a baptism this weekend. Inoel passed his entrevista this Saturday and he was so happy! I´m so happy that he´ll be baptised! He´s a great kid! We had to go meet the mom to get her permission on Tuesday.. He made her sound like this mean lady. She´s actually the nicest haitian lady i´ve ever met. She taught her sobre la restauration. She´s allowing him to be baptised. Win. 
Have you talked about Rosa? Well i´ll do it now. Rosa is one of our investigators. She´s crazy. Really. We´ll be explaning something.. like Faith. And we´ll ask her a question on what she understood.. and the response is NO WHERE near when we just said. And then she says... ¨Hermana... I´m really smart. Like really smart... (Point at her head) It´s all up here... I´m just a really intelligent person¨ Really lady? So she wants to get baptised. Which. I have faith that the Lord can work miracles. So I feel like it could happen. We made a meta for 14th of Dec. I hope it happens. We just to teach her really slow. I also said the prayer the other day.. and she said that my prayer was really pretty and that she wants to memorize it.. and asked where she could find it in the BOM. What!!! OHHH and even funnier thing. She believes the book of mormon is true.. because she´s convinced that the catholics had it first.. yeah.. okay Rosa.
On Wednesday we had entrevistas with Presidente Hernandez. Which were great. And the shortest entrevista eva. But it was cool They gave us lunch. And Hermana Hernandez made us Pumpkin Pie. I´m not even a fan.. but it was the best thing i´ve ever eaten. Man, I miss normal food. 
We had District mtg at a different chapel on thursday. It´s usually at our church (the stake center) But nope.. it was in Narnia. We got lost. BUT we still managed to get there on time.. And they gave us the best ice cream i´ve ever had. 
On Friday we went to San Luis.. el campo... Literally. It´s a whole other world. You actually feel like your in the DR. It´s so green! 
On Saturday. We had Inoel´s entrevista.. and while we waited for him and our district lider.. we helped clean the chruch.. it took us an hour to sweep the chapel. it´s huge. 
Then while he had his interview.. we helped blow up balloons.. SO MANY BALLOONS. The stake was having a young women modesty fashion show that night.. whaterr. 
Some elders in our zone were going to have a baptism that night after the activity. We thought it would be an great opportunity to invite our investigators to attend. 
We helped them fill up the pila. And we had decided to make out next week district meeting a thanksgiving lunch thing. We asked the elders if they could bring someone... one´s from Columbia and the other from Honduras.. And he looked at me so serious.. and he said.. i can bring Pancakes. I loved that. Best thing i´ve ever heard. So we´ll have food.. and pancakes. Should be sweet. They hate us... dumb americans. 
We also had our first english class on Saturday... we´ll see how these continue to go. 
So we went to the Fashion show. one of our investigators was in it. Then after went to the baptism. Dislenny, Milenny and their dad went.. Milagro. And Inoel. It was sweet. 
After we all went to get empanadas. The best ones i´ve ever eaten. Have you told you that Dominicans love empanadas... well they do. 
So remember how we had 7 investigators last week.. yeah this week was 3. But it´s the 3 that have fechas.. that counts. 

This week was great though. We´ll have a baptism. And 3 entrevistas for a baptism the next week. And then the transfer ends. I´ll probs stay here. Then Christmas!! What. How does time go by so fast. 

I love you all. 
Peace and Blessings. 

Hermana  Morales

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