Monday, November 25, 2013

Baptisms, Lizards, and Cake...oh my!

25 de Noviembre,

We had a baptism on Saturday!! INOEL got baptised! It was a great baptism. Done in true Dominican fashion. Without luz. Yes. It was in the dark... we light up the room with cellphones. It was great. It still was super spiritual and he had his best friend baptise him. It was wonderful. 
Another really special thing i just love about this place. Is the the fact that when the lights go out.. we get to teach with candle light. It's my favorite. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving on the wrong day last week. We made stuff for district meeting and everything. We even announced it and all. And we even went around the table during our feast and said what we were thankful for. Well. I guess we can do it again next week.  The good thing is.. latinos don't realy know when Thanksgiving really is. Ha. 

Dislenny and Pamela will be baptised next week. We're really excited for that. We just are praying that the parents will be nice to us. They are so hard to work with! 
I hate it Actually we know that dislenny be able to.. we got a call last night at like 11.. saying she had permission. We were freaking out.. we thought she was calling to say she wasn't able to get baptised... she can. yay. Pamela.. not sure yet if she can. her mom signed the paper... but apparently she doesn' t want it to happen. We found her crying the other day.. i chatted with her. And it just really made me know that she actually want's this. She's kinda a punk.. but i really do love her. I just want her to be baptised. she's so ready!! We had a good chat with Dislenny and Milenny's dad. He had a lot of questions. I was realy guided by the spirit when i was talking to him. It was really awesome. I felt like i handled that well. I feel like we have his respect now.. and he's on board!

We got to go see the temple today!! I had to go see the Doctors.. which took forever. But we got to see this pretty thing.. and eat at McDonalds. I've never loved something so much!

WE had a good week. I'm excited for a new one. We got news that we're able to start a branch in San luis. WE ARE THRILLED! We've been praying for an answer on how we can better work it and what we can do. And sure enough.. we get a branch! We're going to be focusing our week on san luis. I'm excited. it's sooo ready! we have so many people coming from there coming to church. We are so happy. 

We also found out that we can eat with a member on Christmas. Por Fin.

How's the Philipines doing??

I'm doing great though! I'm super happy for the work we have ahead of us. We'll be so busy the weeks to come. I love being busy!
We have transfers next week. i'm hoping and praying that i dont leave and that H. Jacobs can stay. i just love her. and i want to have her here for Christmas! In exactly one month I get to SKYPE. I'm so excited! 

I love you all. I'm sorry  is this email makes so sense. i'm in a hurry!

The temple. 
The baptism
The girls we're teaching. Dislenny is the taller one.. Milenny is the other one.. and Gismelle is the tiny one. 
And there was a sick huge lizard in our house  last night. It was soo gross!!

Well. I have you in mis oracions cada noche! Los quiero mucho! Espero que todo esta bien!

Con Amor!
Hermana Morales

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